Xdrive's 3 Pack Contains

The Moment - 40ml Stimulating Lubricant
Xdrive Lubricant

Experience the ultimate thrill with this amazing Pleasure Lubricant. Offering far more than just lubrication during sexual activity, Xdrive’s unique Stimulating Lubricant is designed to help arouse, stimulate and enhance your pleasure for an extraordinary love-making session. Your partner can apply the gel onto your scrotum and penile shaft for a sensual genital massage before and during sexual intercourse.

Xdrive combines Evening Primrose and Menthol in a rich lubricating base for an enjoyable tingling sensation to maximize your pleasure. Xdrive’s Stimulating Lubricant is ideal for topical solo use or partner play.

Directions: Have partner apply liberally to your genital areas and massage gently. Return the favor.

Xdrive Science
Who developed Xdrive?

Xdrive was formulated by the DreamBrands research division of Dreamspan Product Innovation. This is the same team that developed the highly successful mens sports performance supplement.

Why is this significant?

We noticed an instinctive increase in sex drive when taking our mens supplement. This “side effect” (as we call it), was a good thing. Our scientists have attributed this as most likely caused by a healthy level of free sexual precursors. Xdrive is rising to become a top selling brand for men looking for healthy sex drive support and vitality.

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